About Presidium


Presidium Health is taking healthcare a giant step forward…and backward.

Presidium Health was created to provide comprehensive healthcare to the medically complex and underserved patient population by giving them home-based, 24/7 access to care.


Our name, Presidium, is derived from the Latin word praesidium and means “protection” – fitting for a company that has built an innovative model of healthcare in order to protect these very vulnerable patients who are often neglected in the healthcare system.

Tech-Enabled Platform

Around-the-Clock Access

Personalized Services

Highest Quality Care

medically complex patient with home healthcare worker from presidium health


We have designed our entire program around the top five percent of patients who, because of their medical condition(s), account for the majority of healthcare costs. Because they aren’t always able to visit their primary care physician’s office for regular care, we’re bringing high quality healthcare to them. At home, where they feel most comfortable.


Instead of a trip to the emergency room or hospital, our patients receive regular monthly visits from their primary healthcare physician. In addition, we provide a host of other comprehensive healthcare services through an integrated team of physicians and other healthcare professionals who are available 24/7.

home health care worker getting health history from patient


First, we call to set up a first visit where we will review the patient’s history, health condition, and health goals so we can create a personalized healthcare plan for him/her.


We then begin actively managing the plan. If the patient has a chronic condition(s), we  will visit on regular monthly wellness checkups to his/her home, more often if needed. When patients have acute conditions and emergency situations, we will be accessible in minutes, armed with the knowledge of their health history and medical records.


We also provide transitional care services to make sure patients receive the care they need after being discharged from the hospital or nursing facility.


Regardless of a patient’s condition, Presidium Health is there every step of the way to deliver unrivaled care to patients and unprecedented cost savings to the healthcare system.

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